• Dan Hollick

Advanced Framer

Here's what you’ll get out of this course👇 ▪️ A deep understanding of Layout and Motion You'll understand how to build dynamic and complex layouts that leverage Framer's powerful but quirky motion engine. ▪️ Content at scale A site is nothing without content! You'll learn how to use Framer’s CMS (Content Management System) in combination with your designs. ▪️ Go beyond Framer's functionality Learn how to use Code Overrides and Code Components to open up new possibilities beyond Framer's UI. ▪️ Integrations! Integrations! Integrations! Learn how to take your site to the next level by integrating tools like Spline, for 3D, and Rive for advanced animations.


$399 USD

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Meet Dan Hollick

Dan is a writer, coder and designer based out of London. These days he works with clients through his tiny design company but before that he helped build systems at places like TIDAL and Barclay’s. Dan is probably best known for writing long threads on Twitter, which is usually where you can find him.