• Steph Golik

Go from Designer to Founder

I'm a design leader and former Product Design Manager at Cruise. I founded Huddle in 2021 and have since raised over $3.5m. I believe designers are uniquely positioned to build the next wave of big, impactful companies. I'm often asked by fellow designers about how to go about starting a company, what it's like to be a founder, and how to raise money. I've collected my insights into this 3-week sprint/course. If you've been thinking about starting a company on the side or are actively making moves, this course is for you.


$495 USD

Next cohort:

Mar 26 - Apr-11, 2024

Meet Steph Golik

Meet Steph, a former Product Design Manager with over a decade of experience that is now the founder of Huddle and has raised over $3.5M in funding. She's here to give real-life examples and insights on how to navigate the transition using design strengths and passion as a guide.