• Steph Engle

Nail the product design interview

Crafting a beautiful portfolio and career story may seem like art, but the candidates who stand out know the exact science of what the person in the other chair needs to see to get to "yes". After hundreds of hours as both the interviewer and the candidate, the steps to "strong hire" seem pretty clear–and yet, I've wondered why I see candidates consistently making the same mistakes. I've yet to find a credible external resource that teaches people the "secrets" (which shouldn't really be secrets). And let's be honest, it's getting tougher out there to find jobs. So, I made this course for you: spend 4-6 hours per week watching videos, chatting with me, and refining your portfolio and approach. It'll be a lot of fun.

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Meet Steph Engle

Steph is currently a Product Designer at Snap for all things AR. She formerly worked on Meta AR/VR and Airbnb, and hired and built the early team from scratch at Cruise. When the pandemic led Airbnb to lay off her team, she honed her approach to successfully land offers many of the big trendy design names... she really just wants to make the process easier for people who should be stars but maybe just don't know the secrets yet.