• Femke

Product strategy for designers

You have great ideas, but you're not sure how to present them to your team. You're overlooked, brushed aside, dismissed, or even talked over by PM's. You want to level up, but are aware that you need to gain confidence in your ideas in order to do so. With Femke’s product design strategy course, you will learn to make sense of ambiguous product challenges, make design decisions baked in strong rationale, and ultimately influence product roadmaps all while bringing more value to your team.


$985 USD

Next cohort:

Feb 5 — Mar 1, 2024

Meet Femke

Femke is a product designer with 5+ years of experience and has worked in the world's leading tech companies such as Uber, Wealthsimple, and Gusto. Her focus is on educating the next generation of designers on YouTube where she has 70k+ subscribers and over 1 million views. She has mentored 150+ designers and helped them land their dream job.