• Nick Basile

Thinking like a developer

Learning to code takes months/years of sustained effort, bootcamps & courses that accelerate this process cost $$$, and the time we spend here is time not spent improving our core design skills. Now, it's clear why we still do it – understanding technology helps us communicate & collaborate with developers, which is essential because our designs are always at least one degree removed from end users. Think about it – no matter how user-friendly or documented or beautiful our designs are, they're ultimately implemented by a developer before they reach a user. So, our ability to improve a user experience is directly throttled by our communications & interactions with developers. Clearly, there's tremendous ROI from getting better at technology, but we don't have to waste our efforts learning skills and syntax we'll never use. Instead, we can get the majority of the benefits by just understanding the technology behind the products we design, i.e. developing our technical literacy. If you're ready to level up your technical literacy, we'd love to see you in class 👋


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Dec 4 - Dec 9, 2023

Meet Nick Basile

Howdy, I'm Nick! 👋 As a product designer and developer, I've spent the last decade learning the ins-and-outs of effective design and development collaboration. I've packed this course with all of my best insights and techniques to help you gain a deep technical understanding of how developers think so you can design and communicate more feasible and effective solutions.