• Grace Ling

Content Creation for UX Designers

Your personal brand is a reflection of your skills and experiences that define your identity. As the largest professional social network, LinkedIn offers a platform to showcase your unique personal brand through content creation, enabling you to unlock various opportunities. Enroll in this course to develop your personal brand, craft compelling content on LinkedIn, expand your professional network, and cultivate meaningful relationships with others. Grace and a network of peers will help provide you with feedback to help you advance.


$499 USD

Next cohort:

Jan 8—26, 2024

Meet Grace Ling

Grace successfully transitioned her career to UX design without a design degree or certification. Despite facing countless rejections from job applications, she discovered that content creation on LinkedIn was the most effective way to expand her network and secure employment. By leveraging LinkedIn for content creation, Grace built a strong personal brand that opened doors to promotions, job opportunities, public speaking engagements, consulting projects, and brand collaborations.